Miocic is a Harder Fight For Jon Jones Than Lesnar


A great deal can change in four years' time. Four years prior, Jon Jones' mentor Mike Winkeljohn was contending why Stipe Miocic was the hardest battle for Jon Jones to be made in the heavyweight division after Miocic had demonstrated to be "the awesome the world." after four years, he currently accepts that the double cross heavyweight champion is definitely not a large enough test for Jones. 

Rather than Francis Ngannou, in 2017, the superfight being talked about for Jon Jones was Brock Lesnar. Both Jones and his group supported the battle against Lesnar, partially due to the enormous payday, and furthermore due to the general danger/reward proportion in contrast with then-champion Stipe Miocic. 

Look at what Mentor Wink needed to say about Miocic precisely four years prior today, kindness of MMANews.com, a main source in MMA News since 2002. 

[ORIGINALLY Distributed AUGUST 14, 2017, 1:49 PM] 

Jon Jones ought not be discouraged in his endeavors to battle previous UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, albeit officeholder champion Miocic is a harder battle 

That is as indicated by Jones' JacksonWink MMA mentor Mike Winkeljohn. 

The UFC light heavyweight champion reported his aims to take on Lesnar, contending that it is a major battle and all the more significantly, a potential cash spinner. Jones had legitimized his ignoring of current heavyweight top dog Stipe Miocic as just down to fan interest, yet offered props to the last all the while: 

"The present moment, Stipe is looking incredibly amazing and I accept when you get a very skilled large person versus a very capable little man, the cards are working in support of himself. Simultaneously, I dread no man. Yet, I strike for an explanation when I strike and I feel like right now Stipe is moderately obscure to the overall population. So it wouldn't be a genuine super-battle as I would like to think. I feel like the MMA fans would be truly amped up for it. Yet, the overall population wouldn't think often about that battle. 

A great many people truly don't have the foggiest idea who he [Miocic] is, with all due regard to him. So in case I will forfeit being the more modest person, I feel that elaborately Brock Lesnar would be a battle that clears a path more sense. Furthermore, the payday would be huge! Besides how it would help our game would be huge. It would have a lot more noteworthy impact [than a session with Miocic]. So hence, a Brock Lesnar battle simply clears a path more sense for me." 

Small time who has repeated Jones' assumptions is the 30-year-old's coach, Winkeljohn, in a new meeting with Accommodation Radio (record by means of Jesse Holland of MMAMania.com).: 

"Jon is a light heavyweight, so you can't ask someone just to move forward and battle the best on the planet at heavyweight and swear off the cash battle against somebody who they want to beat," Winkeljohn expressed. "Jon said it himself, he thinks a decent large man consistently beats a decent more modest man. Jon Jones said that himself in a public interview. Do I think Jon figures he can beat Stipe? No doubt. Do I figure he may have said it? Indeed. Be that as it may, I like the Brock Lesnar battle for the present moment. Also, we need to work on certain abilities and get some weight on Jon before he battles with Stipe, since I imagine that Stipe is a harder battle."

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